When God Fights Your Battles

The night before the meeting, Lauren and I hosted our weekly couples group. I had chosen an obscure Bible story about King Jehoshaphat for our discussion. In the story, enemy armies have surrounded Judah and a devastating attack seems imminent. Jehoshaphat calls the whole nation together to pray and inquire of the Lord about what to do.

8 Concrete Actions People of Faith Can Take to Address Racial Injustice

For a long time, I didn’t think that issues of race had anything to do with me. Instead, loving God and loving others meant believing in a colorblind rhetoric; if I couldn’t see a person’s skin color, I couldn’t therefore judge a person’s skin color, then I could somehow magically see straight to inside of their heart. If you want to engage in the conversation, here are eight concrete actions people of faith can take to address racial injustice. 


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