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Does God Talk about Money Management?

Bring your finances to the Lord, whether you are in plenty or want. He understands that we need them, but he doesn't want us to be burdened by money or possessions. Ask the Lord to show you where you are misplacing money in your life, and be willing to sacrifice where He asks you to.

7 Ways Having a Budget Glorifies God

Budgeting harnesses our tendency to overspend and allows us to measure areas in which we're spending too much or too little. By keeping a budget, we learn restraint and, in essence, self-control.

How to Teach Your Kids to Tithe

The most important thing you can do is to be an example to your children. How can we expect them to give freely if they don't see you giving?Just as we are to be Christ's example in every area of our lives, we can also be a good example through our giving. Although it takes faith to tithe, especially when money is tight, it demonstrates that God is a good God that provides for his children.

Should You Tell Your Children about Your Financial Struggles?

Hearing my mother be vulnerable with me about the state of our finances was comforting. I couldn't do anything to change the situation. However, I'm glad they were able to share their struggles with me. Because I knew they were struggling, it made it easy for me not to ask them for anything frivolous as they could not afford it.

Four Principles of Tithing I Discovered

Tithing - such a yucky word/thought/thing - in my opinion - so much so that I avoided it for years. And now I know why I didn’t like it or the thought of it. Learning more about how God created me opened up insight into this area of giving.

Are You a "Material Girl"?

We all have a human tendency to desire and want things in this world. God knew that we would be tempted to place material things before Him, but He reminds us that a life lived for Him is the only thing that will ever truly satisfy.

How I Reduced My Monthly Budget

Budgeting is not always about adding more money but rather cutting down on expenses so you can stretch your primary paycheck as far as it will go.

How to Find Biblical Joy When You Face Financial Struggles

Father, thank you for being Yahweh-Jireh - "The Lord Will Provide." Thank you for all the examples you have given, in your Word, of how you provided for your children in the past. They are reminders of who you are, your character, and that you can be trusted to provide for me in every way.

5 Things We Should All Be Saving For

So what are the big things you might not think about on a daily basis that you need to be saving for now? Here are five I think almost all of us will have to face at one time or another.

Money Management Tips for Single Moms

Since you know everything that's coming in and what's going out, you can determine where you can make immediate changes. Even taking those small steps to reduce something feels empowering.

How to Find Biblical Joy When God Does Not Provide the Way You Want Him To

Meat, produce, snacks, and all sorts of things we needed and didn't have the money to buy. I stood and watched as my living room was filled with boxes. My husband fought back tears of gratefulness. Me? I fought back feelings of disappointment. Why? Because this is not how I wanted God to provide for us. I wanted the paycheck! I wanted money in the bank. I wanted to pay our bills and be done with it.

The Big Impact of Big Giving

An offering, because it is voluntary, is determined by each person “in his heart.” It should be a reflection of the abundance we have received, and given with the intent to be a blessing and honor God.“Honor the Lord with your possessions, And with the first fruits of all your increase” (Proverbs 3:9).

How to Help Your Teen Avoid Student Loan Debt

Your teen might think a budget for all their monthly expenses is limiting, but it will actually help them feel more freedom in the long run. And budgeting will help them save up for college while they’re still in high school and don’t have to pay a bunch of bills to pay.

How I Turned Finances Around in My Marriage

The temporary pleasure I received for buying something special for myself was not as good as the long-term feeling I felt being able to sleep at night, knowing our bills were paid and we lived free from mounds of credit card debt.

Is it a Sin to Be Rich?

Money itself does not lead to evil. But it’s the love of money, or the intense greed for material gain, that is the issue. Craving money is not the same thing as genuinely desiring more money. You can desire more money and still pursue righteousness, faith, love, perseverance, and gentleness. It’s loving that money more than you love God or people that is what leads to all kinds of evil.

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