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6 Ways Your Family Can Be a Light This Halloween

Halloween is one of the more controversial topics among Christians. Some believers feel its wrong to participate in anything Halloween-related. Other Christians believe its okay to participate, so long as certain boundary lines arent crossed. For some families, those boundary lines mean not trick-or-treating and only attending church carnivals. Other families choose to sit the holiday out completely, while still others find it okay to dress upso long as the costumes arent scary or fear-promoting. The important element to remember is not to judge other families, talk negatively about them behind their backs, or mock their choices. Halloween can be dark enough without adding division to the body of Christ. Choose whats best for your family from your convictions and move forward in faith. Wherever your family falls on the spectrum, here are 6 of the many opportunities to be a light in the darkness this Halloween! Photo Credit: Getty Images

What Is the History of Halloween?

It’s important that Christians understand the traditions they participate in, know what the Bible has to say, and approach every holiday and cultural practice with prayer and discernment. Knowing a bit of the history of Halloween can be an important step in that process.

10 Fun, Family-Friendly Scary Movies for Halloween

A survey by LifeWay Research several years ago found that Christians are divided over the celebration of Halloween. Most (54 percent) said it was all in good fun, while 18 percent celebrated it but without the pagan elements and 23 percent avoided it altogether.The numbers – if you’re curious -- weren’t significantly different among evangelicals, with 45 percent calling it a fun celebration, 23 percent only avoiding its pagan elements and 28 percent ignoring it completely.Wherever Christians land on Halloween, though, we should avoid celebrating evil. The same premise applies to so-called scary movies. Scary movies – whether in the horror, thriller or science fiction genres – often are void of any redemptive elements. Instead, you leave the theater feeling like you need a bath.But there are plenty of scary movies that are fun, thrilling, and family-friendly. They don’t celebrate evil. Some even are thought-provoking.Here are 10:Photo credit: ©GettyImages/undefined undefined

6 Ways to Be Missional on Halloween

You don't have to give out candy to be a safe home for the kids in the neighborhood. Halloween is a day that invites mischief. Kids need to know there is a safe home in the neighborhood they can go to if they're being harassed, bullied, or otherwise feel unsafe by those around them.

30 Creative Costume Ideas for Halloween

Books provide a bottomless well of ideas for costumes. Help your child understand the character and choose a few simple props to demonstrate the concept. Headwear, facial hair, and makeup turn a basic outfit into a costume that people will recognize. Pick a line your character might say and practice it for trick-or-treat night.

6 Teen-Friendly Halloween Movies

Halloween and being scared can be a lot of fun if you take the time to find movies that are scary but not too scary, funny but not too raunchy, and adventurous but not too risk-taking.

How to Talk to Your Kids about Halloween

If you love Halloween and have fun with it each year, keep teaching your children that all choices, representations, and attitudes should honor the Lord and fall in line with your convictions. If you're anti-Halloween, there is the obvious, but then there are also the elements of honoring and glorifying the Lord in how we respond to others' opinions with whom we may vehemently disagree.

13 Sanity-Saving Tips for the Holidays

Running yourself ragged, blowing your budget, and overscheduling your days are quick ways to ruin your holiday season. So say it with me. “NO.” And don’t feel like you have to justify your no.

A Christian Perspective on Horror in Movies and Culture

Why is there a massive industry dedicated to the production of fear for pleasure? Scary movies, haunted houses on Halloween, and horror novels combine to make a multibillion dollar economic powerhouse. How should Christians engage in and process this phenomenon?

7 Family Costume Ideas for Halloween

To keep costumes family-friendly, we’ll all need to dive into our creative mindsets—and probably raid the old junk closet for extra supplies. You’ll need some craft supplies too. Glue gun, duct tape, Post-It notes, and some other such items.

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