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How Has COVID Impacted Our Mental Health?

Almost two years after the pandemic started, there is a new epidemic creeping to the surface. It was silent at first but has grown louder as time has gone on, and frustration with COVID is at an all-time high.

3 Foundations for Entering Secular College

Even when students know messages which oppose Scripture must be false, unbiblical messages can still sound incredibly persuasive in the college environment. After all, students often hear these messages repeated by intelligent professors in classrooms where everyone else seems to take those teachings for granted.

10 Ways Trusting God Changes Your Life

The situations we go through we will be tempted to lean towards what we think is best or what we think we know but this verse always reminds me to trust my Shepherd to guide me through difficult decisions and seasons in life.

Do We Have to Go to Church to Be Christian?

Jesus did talk about the importance of church, that is, of gathering in His name and fanning out across the world to spread the Good News. When the apostles began to move throughout the region converting others to Christianity, they began gathering in groups that became called churches. 


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