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Singing, Satan, Statues Oh My!

With every song, show, and celebration the world broadcasts its depravity loud and clear. Roll out the red carpet, shine the trophies while you can. Rest assured this party ends on earth.

Alabaster Box… of Chicken Sandwiches

We tend to think the stories of the Bible are A) just stories… and B) stories that happened once a long time ago, but never again. Nay, nay weary traveler. Here’s a story for you…

There’s a Reason Everyone Loved Top Gun 2

There’s a reason everyone loves Top Gun Maverick… aside from the nostalgia for us “seasoned” folks, aside from the G’s, Mach 10, and dogfight (hellooo football) scene… it will make hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars for this reason: It was JUST entertainment. It didn’t make you feel like garbage about your country, your

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