Ready...Set...Vacation! with Erik the Travel Guy


Why I Love To Cruise

Greetings my fellow vacation thrill-seekers! This week, I’m taking a moment to discuss the biggest reasons I love to cruise. It’s true, I am a convert. I stepped on board my first cruise ship in the early 90’s and have never looked back. I do enjoy other types of vacations as well, all inclusives, DIY, group tours, etc. but I always gravitate back towards ocean cruising. First and foremost, cruise go places I want to explore such as Alaska, The Caribbean, Europe and Hawaii. They go other places as well but the above are off the top of my head. Another reason I love to cruise is convenience. I can unpack my suitcase once and let the ship bring me to the ports. I can explore for the day and decide which ports I’d like to visit for a longer period of time on a future vacation. That’s exactly what happened in Cozumel! Finally, I love the onboard life. At sea days can be as busy as I want them to be. I love the entertainment, the dining, and all the nooks and crannies of the ship. Yes, it’s safe to say I love to cruise and if you’ve been on board, then chances are so do you. If you haven’t, consider it an option for next year. Wave season is coming up and I’ll share more tips ate hacks to getting the most out of your next cruise!



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