Candace Long

Candace Long

Candace Long is an award-winning author and seasoned interpreter of the times, having studied the biblical signs of the very end of days for over 30 years. When she realized we are actually living in these times, a new mission was born. She began Lessons in the Ladder Days as a biblical commentator and chronicler to help others spot the signs, make sense of the times, and find their places in them. As a follower of Jesus who is Torah-observant, she presents a unique and enlightening perspective of the end of days through a Jewish lens. This radio show was birthed while Candace (a licensed pilot) was flying at 5,500 feet between Georgia and Washington, DC for many years. Read about this ‘End Times’ navigator’s amazing journey into radio broadcasting HERE..



Candace Long is an ordained Marketplace Minister who has been teaching since 2004. She has walked with the Lord 50+ years beginning in the music ministry of then Campus Crusade for Christ during the Jesus Movement in the 1970’s. In 2006, the Lord called her to begin studying Judaism to connect with our Jewish roots, and she is now part of the Lev Tzion Messianic Congregation in El Paso, Texas under Rabbi Michael Washer. Candace earned an MBA and worked close to 40 years as a business consultant. She served as President of the National League of American Pen Women, the nation’s oldest organization for creative women, as well as VP of Women in Film & Television International. Author of two theatrical musicals, six screenplays and five books, she was honored as a 2018 Georgia Author of the Year Finalist for her latest book, The Ancient Path to Creativity and Innovation: Where Left and Right Brains Meet. In 2017, she expanded her media company to produce her radio show and online resources to help others fulfill their calling and destiny in these end times. For more: Meet Candace Long



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